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The Handbook
Everything you need to know about joining us can be found in here. Please make sure that you read everything inside, especially the rules. Announcements from the admins will be posted in here, and more information regarding the site and the world in which it's set may be added in time.

6 1 Jul 15 2017, 05:09 AM
In: The (New) Plot
By: Starfleet Command
Personnel Files
This is where you can post your application! Please label all your WIP's accordingly otherwise admins will assume you are done and your app may be pended. Once you're done, please let an admin know and we will review your application as quickly as possible!

Subforums: Accepted, Completed Apps, WIP Apps

34 32 May 27 2017, 03:06 AM
In: Application Option 2
By: Starfleet Command

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Character Development
Anything to do with your characters that isn't thread-related can go here. Journals, photo albums, playlists, headcanon things, it's all fair game!

4 4 May 11 2017, 04:14 AM
In: You Don't Gain a Thing ...
By: Christopher Pike
This is the place for all communications. From video calls back home to loved ones, to finally organizing that pool party that everyone in medical has been talking about for weeks, getting in contact has never been easier.

2 10 Jul 11 2017, 05:57 AM
In: The Things You Tell Your Do...
By: Harleen Carlisle
Open Threads
To ensure that open topics don't get buried/lost before someone has a chance to reply to them, all open topics go here. As soon as one is replied to, it will be moved to the appropriate location on the main board. (Please remember to tag your location so staff can move things easier!)

2 0 May 15 2017, 12:19 AM
In: Training Days
By: Kelorian Rokojak
Plotting & Tracking
This is the place where you can set up a plotter/shipper to get your babies into plots, and to set up a tracker to keep all your threads organized.

Subforums: Plotting, Tracking

14 119 May 4 2017, 07:17 PM
In: Strange New Worlds
By: Christopher Pike
Wanted Characters
Ads for requested characters and plots are found here. If you are one of those people with an (un)healthy addiction to want ads, enter at your own risk. Don't say we didn't warn you!

3 1 Feb 9 2017, 04:44 PM
In: We're The Riders Of The...
By: Ellis Duquesne

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There are many things to remember about proper etiquette when called to the bridge, and though it should go without saying, crew members are reminded that it is poor form to touch or sit in the captain's chair, regardless of who the darer was and how much the wager stood at. Furthermore, while space at warp is understandably mesmerizing, crew members are reminded that daydreaming while looking "at the pretty lights" is grounds for replacement.

1 3 Today at 03:24 am
In: Carry My Soul Into The Night
By: Owen Cahis
Engineering & Security
Crew members not belonging to engineering are reminded that the engineers do indeed have their own system in regards to where they keep their tools and it is inadvisable to touch anything belonging to them without express permission, nor is it a wise idea to move things in order to "tidy up because the system is messy". Security would also like to ask that any Dejari Mhoa rabbits seen aboard be brought to the security complex on deck 7, however initial reports state that the Leporidae bite so take all necessary safety precautions.

5 42 Jun 20 2017, 11:01 AM
In: I Owe You One
By: Derras Kegan
Medical Bay & Sciences
Crew members are asked to refrain from feeding the raccoon with the big blue bow in Dr Simmons' biochemistry lab, though petting him is allowed. Additionally, please be advised that the carnivorous plants in the botanical lab down on deck 20 are currently teething and crew members are asked not to visit the botanists during this trying time. The garden itself, however, is currently open to all crew. Also medical personnel remind all crew not to drink any coffee originating from the chemistry or biology labs to avoid a lengthy stay in the medical bay, regardless of how much they may wish to pet the med-bay koala.

9 52 Today at 05:59 am
In: The Prime Mistake
By: Lukas Rowan
Filling the personal quarters of fellow crew members entirely with balloons is neither productive nor an effective use of resources, so please rethink that particular prank, engineering personnel. Also a reminder that any pets brought aboard the Enterprise are expected to stay in their owner's quarters and are expected to not make a run for freedom when quarters doors are opened; security have enough to worry about chasing after stray rabbits without adding tribbles and birds into the mix. Alternatively, please arrange for them to be cared for by Lt Reynolds (Jr) who has by now amassed a small zoo in her zoological lab.

4 36 May 1 2017, 03:42 AM
In: Beat Of My Heart
By: Christopher Pike
Recreation & Everywhere Else
So many recreational options, so little free time. A recreation deck complex can be found on deck 7 which includes a stage, lounges, games floor, Mambo No. 5 nightclub, and division lounge-bars (Warp 5 for engineering and operations; The IV for medical; C2H6O for sciences; Bridge, Out for command), while deck 20 is home to the pool complex which plays host to the medical division's famous pool parties once a year.

14 80 Jul 18 2017, 07:24 AM
In: Be Careful Making Wishes In...
By: Jacob Caulfield

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San Francisco
Every country argues that one of their cities is the most important in the world, San Francisco is arguably the most important, or at least in the eyes of Starfleet as it is home not only to the United Federation of Planets council chambers, but to Starfleet Headquarters as well. For those not interested in Starfleet matters (or those simply wishing for a break from them), San Francisco has beautiful sights, fantastic restaurants, and an even better night-life scene to offer.

Subforums: Paradise Lost

15 90 May 28 2017, 05:14 PM
In: Just a bit of exploring
By: Noel Allison
Space Travels
How about a trip to Apalapucia, voted the #2 destination for the discerning traveller? Or the moon that's made of honey. Well, not actual honey, and it's not actually a moon. And technically it's alive and a bit carnivorous. Actually...maybe just skip that one.

3 21 Jul 16 2017, 07:31 AM
In: Riding Off Into Alien Sunsets
By: Svetlana Volkova
Past & AU
Here you can find all the past threads from the site, along with any alternate universe threads.

1 6 Apr 7 2017, 10:53 PM
In: Break Your Back For Class A...
By: Jacob Caulfield

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Fun and Games

6 101 Jul 16 2017, 06:37 AM
In: The Gif Game
By: Jacob Caulfield

Subforums: First Links, Link Backs

538 2 Jul 13 2017, 05:09 AM
By: chuuya

Subforums: Character Archives, Thread Archives

113 382 May 11 2017, 05:01 PM
In: If The Sky Comes Falling Down
By: Christopher Pike

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